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What is more suitable for winter long hair or short hair, more in winter? Now popular girls  clip in human hair extensions, the length of hair still maintain a half of the effect, if you change your hairstyle, you will choose which one? The most popular 16 fashionable hairstyle to share, which one did not cut this winter?Lob head is referred to as the Bob long, so it is also a kind of Bob head.A lot of people think short hair bobbed clip in human hair extensions is too monotonous carefully conceal mentioning or do not know how to take care of. In fact, lob can have a variety of styles of beauty, with elegant, small series that it malleable more than long hair.Lob head and clavicular keep long hair style and feminine design, micro volume, add a little fluffy, partial exaggeration. Create a sleep state of feeling lazy, very personal characteristics, which is this year’s popular new trend.The broken fringe is light and natural, clip in human hair extensions  repair Yan effect is very obvious, long hair fluffy perm layering, very charming, popular grandma grey  hair wigs for black women color mix Hair Coloring highlights, full of personality.The air bangs cover the forehead, decorated the girl exquisite face, hair perm fluffy and full, brown skin is Hair Coloring collocation is more fair.Also is a short hair perm styling, fluffy Qi Qi very good training effect, short curly hair buckle also with a little messy feeling, very suitable for low-key sister oh.Many long face woman in distress and how the use of clip in human hair extensions   to modified face, you know the hair is very important, otherwise easy to change the long face face oh. Today some editorial recommendation for a long face hair girl, to learn it.Style 1 is the 46 bit buckle wave head short hair, hair length to the cheeks slightly curly wigs slightly, can effectively shorten the face of facial lines, perfect modified face, with natural and pure black is fresh and charming.